【SUSAN】Tung tree flower body wash 800ML (Not itching,Flush well,Not slippery)

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    【SUSAN】Tung tree flower body wash 800ML (Not itching,Flush well,Not slippery)

    Key Features

    【product features】
    Contains tung oil vitamin B1, B2 biochemical extract, skin care formula, easy to stick after bathing, no itching, skin care, lock water, moisturizing.

    【Product specifications】
    Brand: SUSAN hair care
    Name: 【SUSAN】Tung tree flower body wash
    Capacity / Specification: 800ml
    Shelf life: three years
    How to use: Flush the body with water, then take a proper amount of content and start bathing. After washing, rinse with water.
    Source: company goods
    Place of Origin: Taiwan
    Texture: Cream
    Applicable skin type: Suitable for skin type: Normal full skin type can be applied. (easy to be red and sensitive, skin is not applicable)
    Efficacy / use: 1: not slippery, 2: not sticky, 3: fine foam rinse, 4: lock moisturizing, 5: refreshing no burden, 6: no itching after washing, 7: no season, one year It can be used in all seasons. / body bath cleaning

    Manufacturer: FENGCHIH Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd. (MIT)
    AddressNo. 2, Alley 26, Lane 146, Jen Ai Rd., Chia Li Dist., Tainan City, Taiwan.
    Customer consultant hot line: (06)7221715
    web: http://www.susan067223078.com/
    Customer Reviewshttps://lihi.cc/EIwDD
    shopee store https://lihi.cc/xZS93

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