【SUSAN】Tung tree flower body wash 800ML

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Key Features

【product features】

Contains tung oil vitamin B1, B2 biochemical extract, skin care formula, easy to stick after bathing, skin care, lock water, moisturizing.


【Product specifications】

Brand: SUSAN hair care

Name: 【SUSAN】Tung tree flower body wash

Capacity / Specification: 800ml

Shelf life: three years

How to use: Flush the body with water, then take a proper amount of content and start bathing. After washing, rinse with water.

Source: company goods

Place of Origin: Taiwan

Texture: Cream

Applicable skin type: Suitable for skin type: Normal full skin type can be applied. (easy to be red and sensitive, skin is not applicable)

Efficacy / use: 1: not slippery, 2: not sticky, 3: fine foam rinse, 4: lock moisturizing, 5: refreshing no burden, 6: no season, one year It can be used in all seasons. / body bath cleaning


Manufacturer: FENGCHIH Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd. (MIT)

AddressNo. 2, Alley 26, Lane 146, Jen Ai Rd., Chia Li Dist., Tainan City, Taiwan.

Customer consultant hot line: (06)7221715

web: http://www.susan067223078.com/

Customer Reviews:https://lihi.cc/EIwDD

shopee store: https://lihi.cc/xZS93

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