【SUSAN】protein lotion to restore bouncy skin in 3 sec. 80ML (No flush)

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  • Form:Cream
  • 80ML:80ML
  • 5ML:sample

Key Features

【product features】
Completely improve the hair ends and split the hair, repair the hair cavity, for severely damaged hair, hot dyed hair, normal hair can also be used. After use, the hair is bright and restores the elasticity of healthy hair! !
【Product specifications】
Brand: SUSAN hair care
Name:【SUSAN】three second stretch protein cream (no flush)
Capacity / Specification: 80ml
Shelf life: three years
Usage: After shampooing, blow to eight-minute dry, take this product and wipe it evenly until it is completely dry. Do not touch the scalp, or dry it and wipe it evenly.
Source: company goods
Place of Origin: Taiwan
Applicable hair: generally damaged hair (one year dyed, perm once), rough and hard hair, oily hair
Efficacy / use: play, tender, bright, smooth / repair hair
[Description of the amount of goods used]
Long hair volume is thick: two one dollar coin size.
Long hair volume is small: one dollar coin size + half dollar coin size.
Short hair volume is thick: one dollar coin size.
Short hair volume is small: half a dollar coin size.
Ps: The above is the recommended amount. According to your personal situation, you can make your own adjustments. The content is high concentration of grease, so it is better to use it.
Manufacturer: FENGCHIH Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd. (MIT)
AddressNo. 2, Alley 26, Lane 146, Jen Ai Rd., Chia Li Dist., Tainan City, Taiwan.
Customer consultant hot line: (06)7221715
web: http://www.susan067223078.com/
Customer Reviews:https://lihi.cc/EIwDD
shopee store: https://lihi.cc/xZS93

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  • Payment Terms:TT ,PayPal
  • Minimum Order:1 Piece(s)
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