【MARCHENAY】Micromolecular repair cream 500ML (requires flushing)

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    【MARCHENAY】Micromolecular repair cream 500ML (requires flushing)


    • 500MML:500ML
    • 20ML:sample

    Key Features

    【product features】
    For dyeing, perming, severely damaged hair, especially using the latest decomposition factor technology, this product is combined with the latest technology products, and then use PPT to create an unprecedented experience, so that dry, yellow, damaged hair changes instantly, It is infinitely soft, smooth after shampooing, steam hair care is better, and the effect of deep hair care is achieved. After use, the softness continues until the next shampoo, and the hair is black and bright, and the hair can be used.
    ◆Do not add spirit◆ Contains green tea extract and high protein, fast lock water, moisturizing, not easy to lose
    ◆Repair hair ends, softness continues until the next shampoo

    【Product specifications】
    Brand: MARCHENAY hair care
    Name: [MARCHENAY] Micro Molecular Repair Cream (requires flushing)
    Capacity / Specification: 500ML
    Shelf life: three years
    How to use: After shampooing, apply this product evenly on < hair >, then massage the remaining hair cream on the scalp for a few minutes to rinse off.
    When flushing, be sure to clean the scalp. < The palm must be extended into the scalp > Rinse clean. The hair should not be washed too clean, showing a state of < half-flush and half-leave >, and the nutrients are left on the hair for absorption, and the effect is more durable.
    Source: company goods
    Place of Origin: Taiwan
    Applicable hair: special fork, especially dry, especially lack of water, hair elastic fatigue, easy to break, dye, perm, severely damaged hair. General hair can also be used
    ✔Slip smoothness upgrade, softness upgrade, fluffiness upgrade, repair degree upgrade
    ✔❤ Top freesia taste ❤
    Uses: steam hair care, moisturizing

    [Description of the amount of goods used]
    Long hair volume is thick: two 50 yuan coin size + one ten dollar coin size.
    Long hair loss is small: a 50 yuan coin size + a ten dollar coin size.
    Short hair volume is thick: a ten-dollar coin size + half a ten-dollar coin size.
    Short hair volume is small: a ten dollar coin size
    Ps: The above is the recommended usage. According to your personal situation, you can make your own adjustments.

    Manufacturer: FengChih Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd. (MIT)
    AddressNo. 2, Alley 26, Lane 146, Jen Ai Rd., Chia Li Dist., Tainan City, Taiwan.
    Customer consultant hot line: (06)7221715
    web: http://www.susan067223078.com/
    Customer Reviewshttps://lihi.cc/EIwDD
    shopee store https://lihi.cc/xZS93

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