【MARCHENAY】Organic shampoo 500ML(slow hair loss)

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    【MARCHENAY】Organic shampoo 500ML(slow hair loss)


    • Form:Lotion

    Key Features

    【product features】
    A new formula, add anti-dandruff soft factor ~ let the scalp, hair once!!
    Organic extracts, after years of clinical experience, effectively slow down hair loss, adjust the pH value of the scalp, enhance the function of the scalp, activate the scalp tissue, keep the skin spleen clean, balance the oil, zero health, good rinsing, healthy and beautiful hair.
    It adopts EU ECOCERT organic certified raw material, AGE natural washing factor corn glucose foaming agent, mild and non-irritating and effective cleaning grease.
    ◆Do not add spirit◆ ◆ PH acid-base balance ◆ Never do animal experiments ◆ Balance oil, strengthen hair roots

    【Product specifications】
    Brand: MARCHENAY hair care
    Name:【MARCHENAY】Organic Shampoo (Strong Hair Root)
    Capacity / Specification: 500ML
    Shelf life: three years
    How to use: When shampooing, add more massage, let the product stay in the hair room, so that the nutrients stay in the skin more time, the effect is more, after washing, direct hair styling can be
    Source: company goods
    Place of Origin: Taiwan
    Applicable hair: easy to produce oil, serious oil, easy to lose hair, mixed hair (meaning "normal damage" and easy to oil), general hair can also be used.
    ✔ scalp re-purification ~ cleanliness upgrade, strengthen strong hair roots
    ✔ Improve the dryness, wash it and stop dryding~ Get rid of the stereotype that the innocent spirit will wash out.
    ✔❤ Top freesia taste ✔ scalp, hair once!!
    Uses: cleaning

    Manufacturer: FengChih Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd. (MIT)
    AddressNo. 2, Alley 26, Lane 146, Jen Ai Rd., Chia Li Dist., Tainan City, Taiwan.
    Customer consultant hot line: (06)7221715
    web: http://www.susan067223078.com/
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